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International Institute Of Montessori Teacher Training (IIMTT) is one of the India’s leading providers of Montessori training to meet the needs of the Early Years communities in the India and around the world. At IIMTT we have been providing high-quality Montessori teacher training at Kolkata for close to a decade now. Our graduates are well entrenched in the early childhood industry as directress and administrators in leading educational institutions in the city. Aspiring teachers can choose a convenient training location as we are present across the city with our partner centres.

Key features of an IIMTT program

key features iimtt
  • Prepared Adult – aware of the developmental stage of the children, young adults and adults with whom they associate.

  • Prepared Environment - of activities that respond to the unique needs of the age group, beautiful, ordered, and planned for multi-age groupings.

Both internal and external spaces encompass the prepared environment.
Children, young adults and adults find in these conditions what is important for their individual development while acquiring real-life experiences of what it means to live a fulfilling life in the company of others; what it means to exercise freedom of choice while still taking responsibility for the effect of their decisions on the well-being of the society in which they live and the earth in which they live.

Course Offered

graduate diploma mentessori

Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training (Regular)

We offer a 9 month Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training for aspiring Montessori directress’ who would like to build a career as a Montessori directress and early year’s educator in India and abroad. The Diploma carries the international validation of IIMTT and helps newbie educators get a foothold in the education industry leveraging IIMTT’s strong global credentials.

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graduate diploma mentessori

Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training - Weekend Batch

Introducing an easy paced Weekend Batch for working professionals. This year long Saturday & Sunday Diploma Course is a comprehensive, regular classroom (1 year) course in Montessori Teacher Training for those wishing to work with, or be in charge of Montessori house of children. Under Graduates are awarded a Montessori Teaching Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training (Regular).
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post graduate diploma mentessori

Diploma in Advanced Montessori Teacher Training

We offer a 15 month Post Graduate course in Montessori Teacher Training for aspiring teachers who are looking to enhance their learning and build a solid foundation as a Montessori Directress, administrator or an early year’s educator. The Post Graduate Diploma also has the distinct advantage of carrying an international endorsement of achievement from a UK Government
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Courses Eligibility Duration Certification
Diploma in MTT(Regular) College Graduation 6 months - 1 year UK Level 5 Qualification: A Global Certification by government regulated awarding body in UK.
Diploma in MTT(Weekend) College Graduation 1 year UK Level 5 Qualification: A Global Certification by government regulated awarding body in UK.
Advanced Diploma in MTT College Graduation 9 months - 1 Year UK Level 5 Qualification: A Global Certification by government regulated awarding body in UK.

Accreditations & Affiliation

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AGTTC is one of the few training and development organizations for teachers that is an ISO certified authorized teacher training solution provider in the space of pre and primary education in Asia.
An ISO International Standard represents a global consensus on the state of the art in the subject of that standard. So for every prospective student, an ISO certification represents, more than anything else, the institutions commitment to benchmark it’s product or services against a global standard. It is a recognition of the high standards adopted by the institution that lends a lot of credibility to the institutions value proposition.

AGTTC is an institutional member of The College of Teachers and abides by its Code of Professional Practice.
The Chartered College of Teaching, is the recognized professional body for the teaching profession in the UK. The college was founded in 1846 and incorporated by royal charter as The College of Preceptors in 1849.A supplemental charter was granted in 1998 changing the College's name to The College of Teachers. A further supplemental charter granted in 2017 changed the college's name to The Chartered College of Teaching, updated its objects and gave it the right to award the professional status of Chartered Teacher (CTeach). The college's Patron is The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The International Montessori Council (IMC) is a professional association designed to provide specific services and support to Montessori educators and schools. Its mission is to protect the vision and legacy of Dr. Maria Montessori and the Montessori Foundation by making policy designed to promote the essential principles of best practices and authentic Montessori education. AGTTC is proudly associated with the IMC to take Montessori principles and the methodology far and wide.

IMS recognizes Montessori institution based on their commitment and practice to follow laws of nature with children as set forth in specific recognition criteria. IMS seeks to maintain and support this commitment through workshops, teacher education, and consultation services to assure the highest quality of program operation possible.

AGTTC is an institutional member of London Teacher Training College. Based in South London, the London Teacher Training College was established in 1984 and has over the years trained a vast number of teachers from around the world. The college prides itself on the quality of its courses and the individual attention it provides every student who enrols.
There are only a 100 partner schools worldwide which offer LTTC teacher training programmes.

IIMTT’s internationally accredited Montessori Teacher Training Program brings best in class international qualifications accessible to aspiring teachers at an affordable cost. The only UK qualification in Montessori Teacher Training for Montessori teachers in Kolkata.

IIMTT’s internationally accredited Montessori Teacher Training Program brings best in class international qualifications accessible to aspiring teachers at an affordable cost. The only UK qualification in Montessori Teacher Training for Montessori teachers in Kolkata.

Atheneum Global is also a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited course provider. The CPD group examines course providers across UK and overseas and accredits the best ones by ensuring that their services are of the highest quality and taking into account aspects like accessibility, content and creativity of the training platforms.

FAQ Questions to be answered

Accredited MTT course in Kolkata?

IIMTT offers UK qualifications in Montessori Teacher Training becoming the only Montessori Training Institute in India offering the same. Aspiring teachers can choose to pursue a Level 4 or Level 5 Diploma in Montessori Education endorsed by an UK based awarding organization recognized by Ofqual, a government body overseeing qualifications in the UK. Starting from 2020 for international students and 2021 for Indian students, IIMTT graduates now have the distinction of being awarded a dual certification from two internationally reputed organizations.

What is the syllabus in Montessori teacher training?

IIMTT’s Montessori Teacher Training program covers all aspects of Montessori education for the target age group in Infant and Primary education. The course covers 16 theory modules and 4 practical modules.

  • Life History Of Maria Montessori
  • Montessori method and history
  • Exercises of Practical Life
  • Early Childhood Education
  • ...
  • Montessori School Administration
  • Sensory Education in Montessori
  • Early childhood language
  • Methods of Teaching, Writing and Reading
  • Psychology
  • Special Education
  • Teaching as a Profession and Methods of Teaching Topics
  • Early Education, Learning Theories and Types of Teaching
  • Sociology and Guidance
  • Health and Hygiene
  • EVS Botany, Zoology and Chemistry
  • Story Telling
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What is taught in Montessori training in Kolkata?

A good Montessori teacher training institute covers all the areas touched upon in the recommended Montessori teacher manuals for infant toddler and primary setting anywhere in the world. This includes Language and Arts, Mathematics, Practical Life, Sensorial, Zoology, Biology and Geography and History. However, what differentiates the better Montessori Teacher Training Institutes is really the focus on a robust practical curriculum that helps students master ...the use of various Montessori equipments. This is where IIMTT is miles ahead of any other teacher training institute in India with a rigorous hands-on practical curriculum covering Exercises of practical life, sensorial, mathematics and language, history, geography, music and arts. IIMTT Kolkata has been delivering the best Montessori education in Kolkata for close to a decade now. Read more

What is the duration of Montessori training?

The duration of a Montessori teacher training program varies between 9-18 months depending on the course that aspiring teachers have enrolled into. A graduate program with a 3 days a week in-class program would take 9 months to complete. A weekend program in Montessori education would take between 15-18 months. A post graduate diploma with IIMTT would take 15 months to complete. Do look up the available courses for more information.

How do get Montessori certificate in Kolkata?

The important question to answer is - what utility is one looking to achieve pursuing a Montessori certification in Kolkata? There a dime in a dozen institutes offering ‘Montessori’ teacher training programs with limited focus on true Montessori principles and philosophies. A hybrid certification program offered by institutes not specializing in true Montessori principles can only lead to the delivery of below par teaching practices. Over a period of time, the value of these ‘certifications’ ... erode and well-meaning aspiring teachers end up holding a worthless piece of paper for life.
IIMTT’s global qualifications lend solid credibility to any Montessorian looking for a global career as an early years educator. And the success of our graduates is not limited to Montessori schools alone. Our graduates are successfully pursuing a truly enriching teaching career in leading schools in Kolkata like New Town School, DPS New Town, DPS Megacity, Ashok Hall, Bhavans, St Stephens, St James and many more reputed institutions.
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What is the difference between Montessori and other approaches to education?

The Montessori Method is characterised by the offering of a prepared environment: clean, pleasing in appearance, transparent and true, where each aspect exists to promote the growth of the child for a reason. Mixed-age children who are split into 3-year periods are part of a Montessori classroom. In the classroom, this clearly promotes socialisation, empathy and harmony between them.To provide them with the keys to discovering our environment and improving basic ... cognitive skills, children work with scientifically engineered structural materials. The materials are organized in a scientific manner to encourage the child to self-recognize the mistake and become responsible for his/her own learning. Montessori follows a very different approach to traditional education. You can read more about it here. Read more

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