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IIMTT (International Institute of Montessori Teacher Training) has been a well-regarded provider of Montessori training, both locally and globally, for more than a decade, meeting the requirements of Early Years communities. Our world-class Montessori teacher training programme has generated a slew of successful alumni who now serve as directors and administrators in major educational institutions throughout the city. Aspiring teachers in Bhopal can choose their desired training programme from our partner centres. Join us to advance your career as a qualified Montessori educator.

Key features of an IIMTT program

key features iimtt
  • Prepared Adult – In the Montessori approach, a prepared adult is someone who understands the developmental phases of the people with whom they interact, such as children, young adults, and adults.

  • Prepared Environment - refers to a location that has been meticulously planned, is aesthetically beautiful, and is meant to accommodate multi-age groupings.

The Montessori approach prepares internal and exterior places for children, young adults, and adults to grow and develop. They can practise life skills and gain practical experience in this setting. They can also choose while taking responsibility for their actions on society and the earth. This method helps people lead fulfilling lives and improve their communities.

Course Offered

graduate diploma mentessori

Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training

post graduate diploma mentessori

Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training


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Our Accreditations and Memberships

IIMTT is accredited by an Ofqual-regulated UK Awarding Body, ISO-certified, CPD UK (accreditation no #778846) and registered on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKPRN:10086062).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an accredited Montessori teacher training institute in Bhopal?

Looking for a Montessori training course in Bhopal? Look no further than IIMTT, a prominent Montessori training institute that offers UK-accredited Montessori teacher training certificates. Aspiring teachers can pursue a Level 4 or Level 5 diploma in Montessori ... education, both of which are validated by a UK-based awarding organisation recognised by Ofqual, the UK government body in charge of regulating qualifications. IIMTT graduates will earn dual certification from two highly regarded organisations beginning in 2020 for international students and in 2021 for Indian students, making them highly trained Montessori instructors. Read more

What are the requirements for Montessori teacher training courses?

The International Institute of Montessori Teacher Training (IIMTT) Bhopal provides Diplomas in Montessori Teacher Training and Advance Diploma programs. The following are the eligibility requirements for each of these courses: ...
Graduate Diploma: Candidates with a 10+2 or an equivalent qualification may apply for this program.
Advance Diploma: Candidates can apply if they have a bachelor's degree or higher education in any field.
In addition to having the right education, candidates must also meet other requirements, such as age limits and minimum scores on qualifying tests.Those who are interested in the Montessori Teacher Training courses should visit the IIMTT's website or call the institute directly to find out the full list of requirements.
Read more

What are the different types of Montessori Teacher Training programs?

IIMTT Bhopal provides two types of Montessori Teacher Training courses:

Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training: A comprehensive program that covers all areas of Montessori education in Infant and Primary education for the target age group. ...Diploma in Advanced Montessori Teacher Training: a program that offers further Montessori education expertise for the target age range in Infant and Primary education. This course is intended for people who have already completed the Montessori Teacher Training Diploma or have prior experience in Montessori education. Read more

What are the job prospects for someone who completes a Montessori Teacher Training program?

Upon completing a Montessori Teacher Training program from IIMTT Bhopal, individuals can pursue various career opportunities. They can work as Montessori teachers in different educational institutions such as public and private schools, preschools, and Montessori schools. They can also work as administrators,... trainers, and coordinators in Montessori schools, or start their own Montessori schools or childcare centers. Other potential career paths include roles as educational consultants, curriculum developers, and writers. Additionally, the skills acquired through Montessori teacher training can be applied to other areas of education and child development. Read more

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