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IIMTT (International Institute of Montessori Teacher Training) in Pattukkottai

IIMTT (International Institute of Montessori Teacher Training) is a globally renowned provider of Montessori teacher training, with a reputation for excellence in both local and international communities. Are you interested in early childhood education and looking for a rewarding career? A Montessori teaching course program could be the perfect choice for you. Our inclusive programs will prepare you to teach in a classroom with the skill set and confidence you need. At IIMTT, you will learn about the Montessori philosophy, curriculum, and teaching methods. You will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience from our real-life assignments. Looking to become a Montessori teacher in Pottukkottai? Our partner institutes offer a variety of training programs to choose from.

Our Commitment to Montessori Teacher Training Principles

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  • Environment – We will teach you how to design and organize a Montessori classroom that promotes curiosity and independence.

  • Observation and Documentation: - Our Montessori Teacher Training will help you understand how to be a good observer and an efficient record-keeper, so you can understand and help with each child's individual needs and development necessities.

  • Ethical Responsibility: - We will put in you a sense of ethical responsibility, so you can be a role model for your students and contribute to a positive school community.

IIMTT is dedicated to the Montessori method, believing in its capability to develop the natural curiosity and potential of every child. Our Vision is to prepare individuals who are enthusiastic about Montessori education and want to have the required skill set to provide children with a proper adequate learning experience. Enroll today in our Montessori Teacher Training program!

Course Offered

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Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training

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PG Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training


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Our Accreditations and Memberships

IIMTT is accredited by an Ofqual-regulated UK Awarding Body, ISO-certified, CPD UK (accreditation no #778846) and registered on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKPRN:10086062).

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Let us hear from you directly!

Phone: 8870805051/9942295530
Email: pattukkottai@iimtt.org
Address: 46A, Near Taluk Office, Muthupettai road, Pattukkottai, 614602

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